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Wouldn’t it be great to have a pill to take every day that would ensure that we were healthy and fighting disease??  You betcha it would!  And, I would be the first in line to get that pill!


Unfortunately,  it’s not that easy……but there is a supplement that comes close.


What is a good supplement?


As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, I believe whole foods are the best for our body and mind.   The 2nd best is taking a clean supplement made with whole foods and not all the extra additives and preservatives.


My family has been taking Juice Plus® chewable for several years and we have seen a huge decrease in the amount of sickness in our house every year!   It’s a protection plan just like our health insurance or car insurance.   Taking supplements on a continuous basis can make our bodies stronger and more able to fight off illness.   With whole foods we give our bodies the vitamins and minerals in the most natural form and easy way to digest.   


Juice Plus® is a wonderful product that is made with only REAL whole foods, compressed into one capsule or chewable.


If your family is like mine, every day can be a challenge to get the nutrition that is required to live a healthy life.  We know what foods we are supposed to eat, but it certainly isn’t easy to fit in all the daily requirements.  With Juice Plus® we can now have a daily supplement that will help to protect and fortify our bodies.  Taking the right supplements can be hugely beneficial and one of the best ways to ensure you are getting more of the right vitamins and minerals each day. 


Don’t you want to be sure you are getting the quality of a good supplement?  You know there are days when you are not eating your veggies.  You also know most kids take their sweet time developing a taste for kale.    


We all do our best to make smart food choices, but sometimes it’s tough to do.  We can be assured with a great product like Juice Plus® that it will bridge that gap between what we DO eat every day and what we SHOULD eat every day!


It’s all a balance and this is just one more way to ensure you are getting that balance every day!


Always be sure you know your products well.  Here is a good place to start.

Clinical Research here.


Check out the surveys from over 150,000 parents that have given their children juice plus…. The results are incredible!  

Children's Health Study 


Check out my website, www.heatherhartcoaching.com, for more information about how Health Coaching can increase your chances for Healthy Living.  Bring the insurance of JuicePlus® into your daily life by visiting www.heatherhart.juiceplus.com.

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