What Does Balance look Like For You?

For many of you kids are back in school, or maybe you’re looking forward to the fall season or feeling sad about saying goodbye to your favorite season of summer.  Where ever you may be at this moment, look ahead to see how you can find time for yourself and create a balanced feeling in your body.

Balance is one of my favorite words and the way I strive to live my life.

What is Balance?

It may be the weights on a scale evenly placed, it may be having french fries and a salad for lunch or it might be evenly placing frames on your mantel.  

In the eyes of a health coach it is balancing out daily and weekly schedules, food, exercise, family, work and loving life and to finding time for ourselves.  

Everyone craves times for themselves, but may not realize what those cravings feel like. It can be your body just wanting to sit down after a long day of work or getting a massage after a hard workout or closing our eyes at the end of the day after staring at the computer or phone.  These are signs and nudges from our body to reset itself, get back in alignment and find balance.  

If we don’t find our form of balance, our body will eventually feel depleted and there will be nothing left to give to our family and loved ones. You know what happens in my home when my body is out of balance?  I get a little too “snappy” at my family.  I have found my balance after practicing and experimenting with options. I now know that I feel better if I fit in 10 mins of reading my book several times a week or I enjoy working on photo projects at home once or twice a month or having the time to plan a healthy balanced meals every week. These can all give me a sense of peace and balance. I also know that if I skip working out for more than 2 days, I become a little too crabby. If I am traveling with my family or doing something joyful, the skipped work outs don’t seem to have  the same effect, because I am supplementing my life with joyful events and fulfilling moments. These special times will give us a feeling of fullness and balance as well.  

I encourage you to experiment with what brings you peace or balance, gives you a sense of fulfillment or joy. Take a moment, take some deep breaths and relax your shoulders, and think about the hobbies you enjoy, not just what you should be doing, like working out or eating healthy, but what you would love to fit into your schedule every day or every week or even monthly.  Once you find your favorites, fill them into your calendar. Trust me…. once you actually do the things you love to do, even just for a few minutes, you will be energized and ready to take on the next task. Find the times you can read a book or magazine, allow yourself 5-10 minutes of meditation or at the very least some deep breathing for 1 minute.   

What brings you Joy or Balance in a busy week?

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