Time for YOU! 😊

Have you ever considered what you do for yourself?  Have you thought about how important you are?  How important are you to yourself, your family?


Our society today focuses on how much energy and time that we expend on others.  We are shamed into thinking that we never do enough for our husband, our kids, and even our extended families.  We spend an inordinate amount of time comparing ourselves to others – that neighbor’s lawn, that friend’s children.  If we have a minute of time to ourselves, what are we likely to do?  Sit down and meditate?  Read a book?  Nope.  We fill that minute with something, whether it’s cleaning the house, grocery shopping, or working on our kids’ schedules.


Wouldn’t you like a day to be more than 24 hours long?  Yes!!!  Yes!!!  That’s the answer!!!  Nope.  It isn’t.  What would you do if more hours were added to the day?  You would add more things to do, that’s what!


We are expected to help and care for everyone around us.  Obviously, we take care of our children by feeding them and clothing them.  But what about all the other things we do for them?  Like teaching, talking, listening, scheduling, driving, helping, nurturing, calming, hoping, and dreaming?   Then, we are supposed to be there for our significant other as well by making meals or shopping for them, but also listening, talking, scheduling, and many of the things we are ALREADY doing for our kids.


Now add to the equation working moms.   As a working parent, there are even more pressures put on us.  Not only are we bringing home a paycheck with which to contribute to the household, but we are STILL doing all of the above!


Have you ever thought about where you lie in this equation of life and living?  


Most of the time we give and give, then we fall into bed each night exhausted.  At this point we are most likely thinking, ’Where did the day go??” 


Well, I am here to remind everyone that YOU matter and YOU are just as important as your children, husband and other loved ones around you!    In fact, I would say that YOU are even more important.  Why?  Without YOU, where would THEY be?  


Many in society view this as a selfish attitude and that we should not be thinking this way.  We are to act selfless by giving to others at all times.  Caring for yourself daily is not a selfish act, but an act that equips you to give your best to your family.


You need to take care of your body AND your mind.  Taking care of your body includes nurturing it with good foods, exercise, and movement.  It also includes sleeping and restorative time.  We are not meeting our body’s needs if we don’t restore at some point.  And we certainly aren’t respecting the ONLY body we have by running through the drive-through!


Our mind is a fragile thing too.  Don’t forget, a few minutes of digital free time every day will give your brain a rest.  You many be saying, “A nap?  You want me to take a nap?  That would look lazy!”  Well, it wouldn’t, but many of us don’t have that kind of time during the day anyway.  What I’m suggesting is a few moments of just “me” time.  These moments might include taking a bath, reading a chapter, meditating, walking the dog, or anything that works for you personally.  


We can count our exercise as time for ourselves, but we also need some down time for a healthy body and mind as well.  


Start with 10 minutes each day for a few quiet moments.   Does this time sound too hard to fit in?   Try 5 minutes, but pick something and somewhere to start!   I want you to picture your 24 hours and divide up that time each day.  10 min isn’t much to ask for each day.   Those few minutes can be highly beneficial to help you plan your day, calm your mind, take a few deep breaths you have been missing the last few hours, relax your body in a chair or better yet, get horizontal…. it’s great for your neck, back, feet and blood pressure.  


When it comes to food…. don’t you deserve something tasty instead of wasting calories picking off your kids plate or eating something that just doesn’t sound good or isn’t satisfying?   Choose a healthy protein and vegetable with each meal.  This is your brain food to keep your energy up so YOU can be your best!     Have you ever skipped lunch?   I’m sure we all have, but how do we feel when we do that?  I know I feel so sluggish and tired and then I’m snapping at my kids because I am Hangry! 


It happens to the best of us.   We deserve better and so does our family!   


Think of YOU each day and think of how much your family will love you when you have been well fed and had a good night sleep!  But more importantly, remember how YOU feel about YOU.  Don’t take YOURSELF off the list.  You deserve more than that!

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