Get Your Healthy On With A 7-Day Healthy Habits Challenge!

So you’ve decide this is the year to get healthy! That’s great! I’m sure you have a plan on how to get healthy… scheduling exercise and meal planning, making sure to drink lots of water, eat more veggies and healthy proteins. Wait…. you don’t have a plan? I can assure you that getting healthy in 2019 will be a huge challenge without a plan. Having a plan is the best thing you can do to guarantee lasting results. I have a little something that can help you get started on the right path for 2019 and its FREE!  

I have to say I’m not big on New Year’s resolutions. It always seems when I state something out loud that I want complete or accomplish, it never seems to happen. Well, you know why?  Because I don’t plan and give myself any grace when it fails. Can I tell you that is a recipe for disaster and then getting that project done has become an even bigger challenge within the year.  Most of the time I stew about it not getting it done for awhile, then I push it further aside because other responsibility arise and then that project gets pushed way down the list.  Maybe I’ll look back on it in July and try again, but the same circle happens again. You know what?   I understand the “getting healthy” challenge! Many years ago, it took a weakness in my health to really see that I had to make myself priority right now or it was going to led me down a path I didn’t want.

I hope to share 7 of the super important tips to “getting healthy” for you coming up in the next 2 weeks!   Get excited and know that you can do this!  

Join me for a quarterly, 7-Day Healthy Habits Challenge! When you join this group, you will receive new topics every day for 7 days that are all part of getting healthy.  This also includes daily accountability by joining my private Facebook group open just for the 7-Day Challenge participants.  See what challenges others, share your struggles and see how we can help each other move past these stopping blocks.  I will post additional daily tips and information in the 7-Day Healthy Habits Challenge Facebook group that will keep you going each day! Techniques that are proven to work, links for recipes and articles that will all be helpful to get your new year started on the right foot! 

Are there reasons you don’t schedule your exercise for the week first? Is it because you think it will work out and you’ll get some time on Wednesday? Then, all of a sudden a meeting comes up, your kids have a school project due… now what??  

Do you try to eat more veggies, but they just aren’t your favorite?   

Drink more water in the winter?  But I’m so cold!  

Why do so many of us fail at getting healthy?  You don’t really fail, it just takes perseverance and new mindset to put yourself first just for a few minutes every day!  

Come join me for the 7-Day Healthy Habits Challenge Here!    Share with your family and friends!  Everyone can benefit from these 7 days and can always learning something new about ourselves.  

When we start to put exercise on our schedule first, this will give the space to allow it to happen and we will work around it the best we can. Even if it doesn’t happen the first week, if you continue to put the exercise first, you will eventually make of an effort to get it done. Part of the mindset when it comes to exercise is that doing any movement for 10 minutes or 45 minutes focused on stretching, strengthening or cardiovascular will prove to be beneficial at the end of the day!   Remember that…. don’t be hard on yourself if you aren’t perfect when you first get started.  That is normal and definitely okay!

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